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Various Dynasty Warriors and Warriors Orochi ficlets

Since musoumeme is gone, I'm posting my fills here FOR JUSTICE. Updated the girls' names according to what the games currently have; otherwise, they're left untouched.

Untitled the First
Summary: chibi!Zhao Yun and Meng Huo meet. Crack. I forgot what exactly the request asked for, lol

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Untitled the Second
Summary: An unexpected person offers Diaochan a few words of comfort. Zhang Liao/Diaochan. Somewhat OOC.

A/N: Also I have absolutely no idea why I characterized them this way lmao. A chuckling Zhang Liao, how did that get here
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Untitled the Third
Summary: Yukimura confesses to Masamune. With an army at his back and lots of frills. IIRC the request was for Masamune/Yukimura and a very cheesy confession. Deliberately OOC.

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Untitled the Fourth
Summary: Zhang He, Xiahou Yuan, and a tattoo.

A/N: Uh, I wrote it before I got to play DW6 and found out that Zhang He calls Yuan "general." Oh well.
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Escort Service
Summary: Xiahou Dun has the dubious honor of being escorted by Okuni.

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[Dynasty Warriors] Behind the Planning (Dun/Liao, R), a warriorslash50 entry

Title: Behind the Planning
Fandom: Dynasty Warriors
Theme: 015- Fruit
Rating: R for a bit of sex
Word Count: 527
Summary: Zhang Liao asks for help, but Xiahou Dun has other things in mind. Pre-DW6 He Fei.

A/N: Originally written for a musoumeme  prompt a long time ago, I decided to post this in response to the warriorslash50 challenge instead. This isn't one of my fave pairings, but then, Liao rarely gets slashed. I jumped at the chance.

Oh, and this is the first fic where I have included some sex scenes. Forgive me for the noobish way of writing them. I hope you enjoy the fic!

DISCLAIMER: They all belong to KOEI, who borrowed from history.

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[Prince of Tennis] In Need (Inui/Kaidoh, PG-13)

Title: In Need
Fandom: Prince of Tennis
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: 940
Summary: Inui/Kaidoh, post-manga. Inui struggles with the changes.

Disclaimer: PoT isn't mine.
A/N: Belated happy birthday to Seigaku’s brain, Inui Sadaharu! I haven’t written Inui/Kaidoh for a while, so this might turn out rusty. But I did put effort into it. Enjoy.

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Yay fic! it feels so good to be writing stories again. ♥

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[Prince of Tennis] Project Glacier, Chapter 5

All right. So you thought this was way overdue, eh, Neerod?

HERE YOU GO: Project Glacier, Chapter 5.
Summary: Reporting Day comes. What will happen with Fuji's plans?
Warnings: Sappy talk. Geeky talk. 

It's been finished for a year, actually; I never bothered to crosspost. It had been a year (two years ago for this post) since I posted Chapter 4.

So I'm posting this here, for finality's sake. And I am not crossposting it to any comm now; let those who are curious find their way here.
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[Prince of Tennis] Trial Version - Fuji/Inui

Title: Trial Version
Fandom: Prince of Tennis
Pairing: Fuji/Inui
Word Count: 100
Warnings:...Inui Juice. And this is a crack pairing.
Comments: Fuji's immune, Inui isn't.

A/N: Written for a 100-word contest in Aarinfantasy forum. I haven't written for months now. I'm kinda happy with what I produced this time. :D
Disclaimer: PoT and its boys aren't mine. They're Konomi's.

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Last updated Dec 04 2011

Unless otherwise indicated, all fiction pieces here are rated PG to PG-15 (man-love, violence).

Cut Up the Frog. Short fiction. Laura wants to cut up the frog. Arthur does not want her to, but she has the scalpel and the needle.
Gathering Dust. Poetry. The woman is sweeping a dusty room.
No Binangkal, Penelope. A poem written in Odysseus' POV. In response to the Visayan poem "Binangkal, Penelope".
No One Noticed. Poetry. In a world full of people, you are anonymous.
Rats. Short horror/suspense fiction. Jill hates rats, but they won't leave her alone.

Tezuka/Fuji and implied Tezuka/Fuji
Christmas Play. Christmas drabble gift for lovefujitez . There's an igloo in the house, and Tezuka knows there is only one culprit.
Divorce. cactuscontinuum entry. For forbiden_past . ChibiPuri crack. Grandma demands a divorce.
Excuse. AU, warriorverse. Tezuka knew that he and Fuji were never supposed to be.
Farewell. AU. In the name of vengeance, Fuji leaves Tezuka behind.
Lunch. Fuji's lunch was never normal. Drabble.
Phone Calls. It's raining, and Fuji doesn't stop calling Tezuka.
Saying Sorry. Tezuka sleeps. Fuji wonders how to say sorry.
Snacks. Birthday fic for white_ashes07 . Fuji brings watermelon to school, but Tezuka isn't there to share. Fluff.
Wake-Up Call. Christmas drabble gift for a1y_puff . Fluff. Prompt: repeat.
White. Birthday fic for a1y_puff . Fuji has a few things to say, before Tezuka leaves for the pros. Side TezuRyo. Angst.

Dinner. Christmas drabble gift for sixthwinemaiden . Inui/Kaidoh fluff. Kaidoh practices in front of the mirror.
In Need. Inui/Kaidoh, post-manga. Inui struggles with the changes. Written for Inui's birthday.
Riverside. New Year's gift for hakkai_sensei . Crack/fluff Inui/Kaidoh. Inui and kaidoh save the Notebook of Super Sekrit Data from the river.
Together. Inui/Kaidoh fluff. Birthday gift for Mana-chan/sixthwinemaiden . Kaidoh asks Inui to come with him to a haunted house for an important mission.

Other pairs
Always There. One-sided Saeki/Fuji. Saeki receives a phone call from a brokenhearted Fuji.
Birthday Presents. Oishi/Eiji fluff. The best presents sometimes don't need to be wrapped.
Death. Atobe/Jirou angst. Birthday fic for my sister maryan23 . Jirou is unusually quiet, and Atobe wonders why.
Gift. Christmas drabble gift for loving_kin . Gift-giving can be a very difficult task. Ryoma/Sakuno.
Mob. OT5 crack. The five try to find out just who is the best in tennis.
Trial Version. Fuji/Inui. Fuji's immune, Inui isn't.
Victory. Taka/Fuji. Taka couldn't remember what it was he promised Fuji. Written for Taka-san's birthday.

Burger Shop Encounters. tenifriends entry. Eiji and Tezuka and five meetings in a burger shop.
Ghostly/Conversations. Two related drabbles on Jirou's supernatural abilities.
Medicine. ChibiPuri crack. Kirihara steals some medicine. Daddy Sanada cries. And Yukimura does the shake.
Meeting. Christmas drabble gift for dark_kana . Niou is feeling generous. NiouFuji. Sequel: Stakeout. New Year's gift for ketchupblood . Niou tries to get his revenge on Fuji.
Onomatopoeia. ChibiPuri crack. Kabaji talks to the baby and the family cat.

Colorful 'Potions'. PoT/HP. Hermione meets potions 'master' Inui. Comedy.

Project Glacier. Tezuka/Fuji. A school project turns into a challenge of melting a certain cold, stoic buchou. Or so Fuji thinks.
Archive: One - Two - Three - Four - Five

musoumeme entries
Untitled. Zhao Yun/Meng Huo crack drabble. Zhao Yun is cursed, and only Meng Huo can help.
Untitled. Zhang Liao/Diao Chan. Zhang Liao offers counsel to Diao Chan's troubled heart.
Untitled. Date Masamune/Sanada Yukimura. Yukimura and his army propose to Masamune, while the warriors of Warriors Orochi watch.
Untitled. Zhang He/Xiahou Yuan. Yuan wakes up after a night of partying to discover a certain name tattooed on his chest.
Untitled. One-sided Okuni/Xiahou Dun. Dun just can't shake off the unwanted admirer.

Warriorslash50 (table)
Behind the Planning. [Theme 015: Fruit] Dun/Liao. Zhang Liao asks for help, but Xiahou Dun has other things in mind. Pre-DW6 He Fei.
Companionship. [Theme 31: Poetry] DunCao. Sometimes, inspiration is just a seat away.
What to Do. [Theme 46: Alliance] Pre-Chen Cang in WO1. Nagamasa plans, while Gan Ning drives him crazy.

Tick Tock. Tactics, HaruKan. Kantarou wants to take his time. the problem is, he doesn't have plenty of it.
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[Prince of Tennis] Victory - Taka/Fuji

Title: Victory
Fandom: Prince of Tennis
Rating: PG-15
Word Count: 586
Summary: Taka/Fuji. Taka couldn’t remember what it was he had promised Fuji.

A/N: Belated happy birthday, Taka-san! I broke my OTP just for you. And it's my first TakaFuji fic too. I can't stand it if you remained single while everyone around you is gay. And besides the TakaFuji is canon too

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Comments always loved~ Tell me if I messed up this pair. I'll try to do better next time.
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warriorslash50 Prompt Table

warriorslash50 challenge
— STARTED 19/09/2008
— FINISHED xx/xx/xxxx

001. all things to all men
002. amputation of pride
003. beliefs
004. blunt
005. clouded judgement
006. crush
007. curse
008. danger danger
009. do you believe in magic?
010. enemy camp
011. epiphany
012. favouritism
013. fight or flight
014. fighting blindly
015. fruit
016. Go
017. gold
018. goodbye
019. heart's armour
020. in case we die
021. incredibly incredulous
022. it started off like any other tea ceremony
023. it's funnier when you're drunk
024. it's not funny at all!
025. it's only a flesh wound

026. let me be your weapon
027. music
028. once under a red moon
029. our spirits are officially broken
030. perhaps
031. poetry
032. point of access
033. primitive
034. scandal
035. sharp blade, sharp mind
036. the stars are talking to me
037. the way I see it
038. this is why I'm the strategist
039. time? don't give me "give me time"!
040. tomorrow might be another day
041. tooth and nail
042. when push comes to shove
043. wine/whine
044. you will die and I will take over
045. you will never get to heaven if you
break my heart
046. alliance
047. author's/artist's choice
048. author's/artist's choice
049. author's/artist's choice
050. author's/artist's choice