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[Prince of Tennis] Trial Version - Fuji/Inui

Title: Trial Version
Fandom: Prince of Tennis
Pairing: Fuji/Inui
Word Count: 100
Warnings:...Inui Juice. And this is a crack pairing.
Comments: Fuji's immune, Inui isn't.

A/N: Written for a 100-word contest in Aarinfantasy forum. I haven't written for months now. I'm kinda happy with what I produced this time. :D
Disclaimer: PoT and its boys aren't mine. They're Konomi's.

Inui watched anxiously as Fuji downed the glassful of juice. Fuji sighed, smacked his lips together.

“It’s definitely tasty, Inui.”

“Ii data.” Inui flipped open his notebook and jotted it down. “Another recipe, Fuji?”

“Hmm?” Fuji was looking weirdly at him.


The tensai reached out, pulled Inui close, kissed him. Inui, surprised, kissed back, and he tasted the juice on Fuji’s mouth. He realized that he hadn’t taste-tested this version.

It was horrible.

He pulled free, gagged, coughed.

“How rude,” Fuji said. “Do I kiss that badly?”

The last thing Inui saw before he fainted was Fuji’s mischievous smile.

Tags: #fandom:prince of tennis, #ship:fuji/inui, chara:fuji, chara:inui
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