October 11th, 2014

Hefei Trio

Various Dynasty Warriors and Warriors Orochi ficlets

Since musoumeme is gone, I'm posting my fills here FOR JUSTICE. Updated the girls' names according to what the games currently have; otherwise, they're left untouched.

Untitled the First
Summary: chibi!Zhao Yun and Meng Huo meet. Crack. I forgot what exactly the request asked for, lol

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Untitled the Second
Summary: An unexpected person offers Diaochan a few words of comfort. Zhang Liao/Diaochan. Somewhat OOC.

A/N: Also I have absolutely no idea why I characterized them this way lmao. A chuckling Zhang Liao, how did that get here
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Untitled the Third
Summary: Yukimura confesses to Masamune. With an army at his back and lots of frills. IIRC the request was for Masamune/Yukimura and a very cheesy confession. Deliberately OOC.

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Untitled the Fourth
Summary: Zhang He, Xiahou Yuan, and a tattoo.

A/N: Uh, I wrote it before I got to play DW6 and found out that Zhang He calls Yuan "general." Oh well.
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Escort Service
Summary: Xiahou Dun has the dubious honor of being escorted by Okuni.

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