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[Dynasty Warriors] Behind the Planning (Dun/Liao, R), a warriorslash50 entry

Title: Behind the Planning
Fandom: Dynasty Warriors
Theme: 015- Fruit
Rating: R for a bit of sex
Word Count: 527
Summary: Zhang Liao asks for help, but Xiahou Dun has other things in mind. Pre-DW6 He Fei.

A/N: Originally written for a musoumeme  prompt a long time ago, I decided to post this in response to the warriorslash50 challenge instead. This isn't one of my fave pairings, but then, Liao rarely gets slashed. I jumped at the chance.

Oh, and this is the first fic where I have included some sex scenes. Forgive me for the noobish way of writing them. I hope you enjoy the fic!

DISCLAIMER: They all belong to KOEI, who borrowed from history.

Zhang Liao regretted asking Xiahou Dun for help the moment he saw the one-eyed general enter the room with a slight smirk and a mischievous, meaningful look on his face.

He probably should have asked Xu Huang instead.

Dun had insisted on topping, and although Liao refused vigorously, protesting that it was not what he had asked Master Xiahou here for, then shoving Dun’s face away from him when that failed, he found himself being banged on the table on top of the map he had been diligently working on.

Xiahou Dun was stronger than him, it seemed. They had wrestled for a bit, but he came out on top like he wanted and pinned Liao to the table.

“Stop thinking so much,” Dun said.

“How can I when Wu is—What are you—Get your hands off me!”

“Hmph,” Dun exclaimed, and thrust hard enough to make Liao gasp. “Oh, they’ll come to you, those elusive plans.”

“With much thinking, they shall!” Liao struggled; he felt as if he was supposed to be outraged at this…forced sex. Except that he had not gotten laid for a while. He was willing to fuck. Just not at this very moment. “Now get your hands off me!”

“Cao Ren tells me you haven’t slept.”

Liao gritted his teeth. Why talk of other men now?

“And Xu Huang says you are weary.”

“Ugh.” Liao clutched the edge of the table. The map underneath him. He was afraid it would tear, or worse, get stained. All his efforts… “If you had been the least bit helpful, I—“

He heard the smirk in Dun’s voice. “Well, I’m pretty sure you had thought of an excellent plan already.” He was stroking Liao now, teasingly. It was getting more and more impossible to escape.

“Hurry up so that you can leave and I can plan in peace!”

Dun did not need to be encouraged. He picked up his pace, and Liao struggled to keep quiet lest the others hear him, biting his lip so hard he could draw blood. He held on for dear life, and Dun held on to him, and soon Liao stopped complaining and thinking and just went along.

Somewhere in his mind he knew he was damned.

But it felt good, really good.


“Well?” Dun asked sometime after they finished.

Liao ran his hand on the map. Thank the heavens, it wasn’t damaged from all the rocking they did. He looked at the markings he had made. He could see the ambush in his mind now, clear as day. He rolled it up.

“I see you’ve thought of something.”

“You want me to thank you?”

Dun crossed his arms, and a small smile played on his lips. “All I did was to make you relax.”

Liao felt awkward. He rolled the map again, then looked at Dun. “Well…thank you.” He didn’t know what else to say, and for a moment Dun was silent.

“I’ll be going.” Dun walked away without another word. Liao stared at his retreating back. He knew, with certainty, where to put the man. He smirked.

Surely, Xiahou Dun could handle six Wu generals by himself.

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