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[Prince of Tennis] Victory - Taka/Fuji

Title: Victory
Fandom: Prince of Tennis
Rating: PG-15
Word Count: 586
Summary: Taka/Fuji. Taka couldn’t remember what it was he had promised Fuji.

A/N: Belated happy birthday, Taka-san! I broke my OTP just for you. And it's my first TakaFuji fic too. I can't stand it if you remained single while everyone around you is gay. And besides the TakaFuji is canon too

Taka stared at his racket. Then he stared at Fuji. Then he waited...and nothing happened. Yet.

"T-This is--!" Inui spluttered. He hastily opened his notebook and began to write, almost tearing it apart in the process.

Fuji smiled. "So, Taka-san. Will you repeat what you said? About what the winner gets to do?"

"Eh..." Taka scratched his head. He looked at the racket still in Fuji's hand. He had no idea what he had said. Sometimes he just couldn't remember some things while he was in burning mode. This was one of those. "I don't know, Fuji. What was it?"

"I won't tell Taka-san." Fuji's smile widened a little. "You can figure it out, can't you? After all, you’re the one who said it."

Taka looked around for support. Only Inui was standing close. Taka had a feeling that he wouldn't help. Tezuka was far away, looking on impassively. Eiji, Momo, and Oishi were out of the question, as were Echizen and Kaidoh.

"Taka-san, hmmm?"

"Ah!" Taka flinched. He tried to rack his mind. He could recall something about pummeling enemies to death, and even then they were blurry memories. All else was a burning blank. "Sorry, Fuji."

Fuji stepped closer. Instinctively, Taka took a step back, and realized that he was acting scared. Maybe he was. Which was crazy. He returned to his position.

"I really can’t recall. Well, you won the match…” he said.

Fuji leaned a little more closer, so much that their noses were almost touching. Taka scratched his head again. He probably was bright red right now.

“Still can’t remember, Taka-san?”

“Um… I’m pretty sure I didn’t tell you to kill me.”

“…All right. Since I won the match, then…” Fuji suddenly tiptoed, grabbed the back of Taka’s neck, pulled him down, and kissed him. Taka was so stunned, he couldn’t react at first.

When they broke free, the court was in a panic (except Tezuka, of course). Echizen was straining against the hands that Oishi put over his eyes. Momo and Eiji were yelling. Kaidoh was covering his ears. Inui tore his notebook.

Taka blinked. Then he screamed wordlessly. The memories came rushing back in, like a vicious wave. He realized how stupid he must have become.

Fuji was grinning. “Well, Taka-san?”

“…You get to top,” Taka said. Then he gasped and covered his mouth.

“To top!” Inui echoed, and as Taka turned to him to explain that no, everything was wrong, and there was no way he could let Fuji top, Fuji was crazy and probably he wouldn’t make it through with his body intact and damn this thing was supposed to be private, a sudden heaviness in the atmosphere caused them to turn.

Tezuka was twitching. “Such activity in the court is forbidden! Twenty laps, everyone! Fuji, Kawamura, you two get forty!”

“Eep!” Momo and Eiji squeaked, and they all began to run.

Taka swallowed and began doing the laps as well. Soon he noticed that Fuji was running beside him, matching his pace easily. Taka smiled sheepishly.

“Sorry about that,” Fuji said.

“Well, it was my fault too.”

“You still promised me that, though.”

Taka froze mid-step.

Fuji stopped. “Something wrong, Taka-san?”

“…Er, nothing.” Taka resumed running. Fuji soon followed suit. Taka looked at him. He was smiling, and it was a rare kind of smile that Taka saw whenever they were alone together and being sweet to each other. Though Fuji was crazy, he supposed he could let Fuji do it. “I’ll survive,” he said.

Comments always loved~ Tell me if I messed up this pair. I'll try to do better next time.
Tags: #fandom:prince of tennis, #ship:taka/fuji, chara:fuji, chara:taka-san
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